In the first week of December, we shall take part in a humanitarian aid programme in Tindouf and in the liberated territories of Western Sahara (Tifariti and Mehaires), an area of the desert with a considerable nomadic population with practically no medical assistance. Thanks to the cooperation of two organisations, Sahara 4×4 and Dentalcoop, a basic dental assistance is being provided through a fully-equipped clinic and the work of 20 Dentalcoop volunteers who offer their services to hundreds of patients since April 2014.  As part of the above-mentioned programme, medical assistance and educational talks will also be delivered in cooperation with local medical centres.

An important part of the programme is the supply of medicines and medical material: on the one hand, those needed for our interventions (antibiotics, analgesics-NSAID and emergency supplies) and, on the other hand, those medicines which cruelly  lack at the Sahrawi Central Pharmacy. You may follow us on Facebook where you will also find the list of medicines and medical supplies which me need, in case you are able to help us in getting them. Any donation from your part, however small, will be most welcome. You may deposit the medical material at the various Benissa chemists or at our clinic (between 9 a.m and 1 p.m.). You can also help by making a donation at the Dentalcoop bank account at La Caixa, nº ES5921001338760200058127 , indicating the reference Sahara Benissa. Many thanks!