24-hour service

All practitioners who participate in the night duty service are completely equipped to help you at home when necessary, they all speak various languages.

Not all doctors attend to all insurances.

Always ask if the attending doctor works with your insurance. In case he doesn’t and you don’t want to use his services, please contact the telephone number of the 24-hour service of your insurance company, where they will find assistance for you.

Dra. María Álfaro
Clínica Moraira (on the 2nd roundabout coming from Teulada)
Tel: 96 649 07 07

Dr. Erik Rempt
Clínica La Ermita
Carretera Jávea-Jesus Pobre
Tel: 96 646 21 12

Dr. Max Meertens
Clínica Benissa
Avda. País Valencià 19
Tel: 96 573 31 57

Dr. Christoph Semler,
Dra. Rosa Perez
Euroclinica Jávea (next to Barclays Bank, Arenal)
Tel: 96 646 39 12

Dr. Max Meertens won't be holding surgery till the 25th of April.
During their absence you can contact the reception at
moc.a1524516648ssine1524516648bacin1524516648ilc@n1524516648oicpe1524516648cer1524516648 or by telephone (965733157).
In case of an emergency please call 639 60 42 69.