Community health and Family Medicine

Max Meertens, GP

Max Meertens has been living and working in Spain since 1994, exercising his profession as a doctor specialised in Community health and Family Medicine. He specialised at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands and worked in various Dutch clinics. He also worked in Guatemala after which he established himself in Benissa. What most attracts him to working in Spain is the freedom with which he can manage his time to attend to his patients, which means that he can dedicate the necessary time to each person without having to cope with an overloaded timetable. Member of the medical association of Alicante 03-0307645 Member of the KNMG (Dutch medical association) Registry number BIG: 89022718301 Max Meertens’ consultation hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. till 1 p.m. He always attends by appointment to enable him to give everyone his maximum attention and avoid long waiting times.

Loes Thomaes, GP

(We wanted to share some news with you about doctor Loes Thomaes. She will be taking a sabbatical with her family for an indefinite period of time. We wish Loes and her family all the best on this new adventure. While we will miss her, we are happy to inform you that she will still be part of our team, covering holiday periods when possible.)

Loes Thomaes (English, Dutch, Spanish, German and French speaking) studied medicine at “de Vrije Universiteit” in Amsterdam and completed her residency in Leiden. As a General Practitioner she worked in many practices in and around The Hague. ​Later on she has worked many years as a medical doctor in several Dutch hospitals at the Geriatric and Psychiatric departments. In spring 2017 she moved with her husband and kids to the Costa Blanca to make their dreams come true. Loes wants to be a General Practitioner in all the aspects of the job and to take care of the patients as a whole. Time, attention and a consult​ation​ in the patient’s ​own language are therefore essential. Member of the medical association of Murcia 30-3009633 Member of the KNMG (Dutch medical association) Registry number BIG: 29914300501 Dr. Loes Thomaes’ consultation hours are Tuesday and Thursdays from 9 a.m. till 1 p.m. She always attends by appointment to enable her to give everyone his maximum attention and avoid long waiting times.

The afternoons are destined to home visits (also in Valle del Pop). If you have an emergency in the afternoon you can also call the number 639 604 269. During the nights and weekends there will always be one of the multilingual colleagues of the area on call, who you can reach under the same number. We dispose of various diagnostic facilities among which electrocardiography, spirometry, audiometry and we offer laboratory services. We also realise INR Tests (which controls patients who receive an anticoagulation therapy with for example Sintrom) and give the results and new medication qualification instantly. We do minor surgical interventions. To the little ones among us we dedicate special attention in a relaxed atmosphere. We help you to adapt to the Spanish system the vaccination for your children when arriving from another country. Our medical examinations are realised always taking into account your personal medical history and we do medical examination and medical certifications for sport activities etc. Between the members of the medical staff weekly meetings are held as to improve the patient’s attention, but never without having received his full consent. We work together in an independent way with all the region’s health care services and of the whole Comunidad Valenciana, including the Social Security Services. We are in contact with your specialist or insurance company in your home country if necessary. And, naturally, we give all our support in case of repatriation to your country.