Dra. Alexandra Rodríguez, dentist

Dr. Alexandra Rodríguez (English/Spanish), graduated in Odontology at the Universidad Escuela Colombiana de Medicina in 1995, has always endeavoured practising odontology in a close and familiar environment. For her, it is essential for patients to have a good knowledge and a full understanding of their problems and of the various treatment options available to them. For this reason, she has set up a modern Dentist Unit that fulfils all the European standards and offers high quality odontology services supported by state-of-the-art technology such as digital radiology, intraoral camera that enables showing their pathology to the patients during the consultation, apex locator for endodontics, teeth whitening lamp, just to mention a few. Dr. Rodríguez has specialized in Orthodontics at the prestigious post-graduate course from Dr. Muñiz in Madrid, and she is able to offer patients of whatever age the most adequate solution to correct their tooth malpositions, both by conventional orthodontics and by invisible orthodontics, an option very much in demand these days. Ask for an appointment and see for yourself that at our clinic the most important issue is You.

Dra. Eva Vetter, dentista

Eva Maria Vetter is a German dentist who studied in Spain at the European University of Valencia. Before starting her career as a dentist, she trained as a dental technician in Germany and worked in Switzerland for two years. After completing various training courses in France and Italy, she has been working as a general dentist in Benissa since 2020. She is currently working in our clinic and mainly performs restorative and prosthetic treatments on adult patients and children. Eva is a very dedicated professional who is very committed to the health and wellbeing of her patients. She speaks German, Spanish, English, French and Italian and can therefore look after patients from different countries.



Lotte Duncker Auxiliar

Lotte Duncker works as a qualified oral hygienist (Oral hygiene technician, 2018-2020). She is responsible for professional dental cleanings, as well as being a qualified dental assistant (Nursing Assistant Study 2015-2017). She is trained in paediatric dentistry in primary care and advanced intervention in periodontology (2021- 2022) State Foundation). Lotte takes the wellbeing of her patients very seriously, dedicating maximum attention and time to them. She speaks Spanish, Dutch, English, and German.