Opening hours & appointments

Consultation opening hours

The consultation opening hours are from Monday till Friday: 9.15 am-1.00 pm, always by appointment. Despite the new technologies, a simple phone call to our reception is the easiest way to make an appointment. In the afternoons we realise home visits.

Blood samples and urine/faeces analysis are realised before 10.30 am; please do not eat breakfast before the tests.To convey the results we prefer to see you in person, as we have noticed that there are always doubts when results are communicated by telephone.

We advise to only consult by telephone about results in case of repeated and simple tests. The long term prescriptions can be ordered by telephone or e-mail. The prescriptions are always revised and signed by the doctor.

Online reservations

We reserve a certain number of hours for appointments made on-line. The appointment you may book requires a minimum notice of 48 hours. In order to be able to confirm the appointment and to verify the authenticity of the request, you will need to have a email address at hand.

If none of the proposed hours suit you, please contact us during our consultation time schedule (9.15 am to 1 pm, by phone on 965733157) or use this form.

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