Make an appointment for a screening mammogram

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Techniques used in diagnosing breast cancer have improved considerably over the recent years and new treatments have been developed, all of which make it possible for many women to successfully overcome the disease. At present, the best way to fight breast cancer is to carry out periodical screening mammograms which enable the detection of nodules even before these become palpable. The countries where early detection programmes have been developed for years have reduced their death rates as consequence of breast cancer. A breast cancer prevention programme (Programa de Prevención de Cáncer de Mama) is in force in the Valencian Region, offering the possibility to women between 45 and 69 years of age of going through a screening mammogram every two years, this being the interval which experts consider the most adequate.

All women over age 45 residing in our region may request to be included in this breast cancer prevention programme (UPCM). All they need to do is send a fax at nº 966429601 or an email to  , enclosing their certificate of inscription in the local town hall (empadronamiento) and stating the following information: postal address, telephone number, NIF/NIE and date of birth. They will receive a letter with an appointment date. The telephone number to change appointments is 966429608. Meantime, do carry out regular self-examinations as these also contribute to early detection.