We are very proud to present you a new member in our medical team: Dr. Loes Thomaes, General Practitioner. She will be available for consultations on Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings, always by appointment using the normal number of the surgery 965733157.

Loes Thomaes (English, Dutch, Spanish, German and French speaking) studied medicine at “de Vrije Universiteit” in Amsterdam and completed her residency in Leiden. As a General Practitioner she worked in many practices in and around The Hague. ​Later on she has worked many years as a medical doctor in several Dutch hospitals at the Geriatric and Psychiatric departments.

In spring 2017 she moved with her husband and kids to the Costa Blanca to make their dreams come true. Loes wants to be a General Practitioner in all the aspects of the job and to take care of the patients as a whole. Time, attention and a consult​ation​ in the patient’s ​own language are therefore essential.

Member of the medical association of Murcia reg.nr.: 30-3009633

Member of the KNMG (Dutch medical association)

Registry number BIG: 29914300501