Dear people! Despite all the corona troubles, we are not sitting still! Given the overcrowded schedules, we have expanded our team in recent months and hope to be able to help you even better.

As you are used to from us, all new staff members are multilingual and qualified according to Spanish and European guidelines. Moreover, and that is just as important, they will help you in the way you are used to from us: a lot of time and with all attention for you as a person. And all this in a pleasant setting with the most modern and up-to-date equipment.

We have taken all the measures drawn up by the Spanish authorities to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. You can come to us in a safe environment if we all adhere to a number of rules. We have reported this in previous posts.

Dr. Max Meertens and Dra. Loes Thomaes

Dr. Max Meertens and Dr. Loes Thomaes

From now on we are going to do General Practice between the two GP’s. Loes Thomaes is known by many of you and is from now on every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the practice. It has been a wish of Max Meertens for years to run the practice together with a colleague and that is now becoming a reality. Max will be busy with management and digital matters (which now takes quite a lot of time in this corona time) on Tuesday and Thursday, and will have consultation hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Dra. Alexandra Rodríguez and Dra. Eva Vetter

Dr Alexandra Rodríguez and Dr. Eva Vetter

Eva Vetter will join the Dental Team. Eva is an energetic dentist with work experience in several countries in Europe and will be present all day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Alexandra Rodríguez will run the dental unit on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, with implantology being an important part.


Marte Sofia Venema, physiotherapist

Marte Venema, physiotherapist


Finally, we have Marte Venema as a Physiotherapist who will take care of the physiotherapy in the afternoons. Marte is known to many of you through her many years of experience in the Marina Alta and we are happy to welcome her to our team.



As you can see, we try to offer you maximum care despite the difficult times. You can consult our website to get to know our entire team. At the same site on the news page you will always find the latest instructions regarding the measures considering the Coronavirus.

Dra. Eva Vetter with dental hygienist Lotte Duncker

Dra. Eva Vetter with dental hygienist Lotte Duncker.